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Vetnough is a Tampa-based indie trio. Julia Powell (guitar/vocals), Carlos Reyes (keyboards) and Christina Piasecki (drums) released their first album, Conversations, in February of 2019. After releasing several videos and embarking on a gulf coast tour, the band began writing their latest release, Tired Sounds.

Now having two EP's and first tour under their belt, Vetnough has been relentlessly booking and honing in on their sound. With Piasecki's punchy, deliberate drumming, Reyes's nostalgic 80's-esque synth work, and Powell's minimal guitar and cryptic vocals, their sound has evolved into something that has been compared to Alt-j, Mazzy Star and Portishead.

With their newly refined sound, Vetnough has been making waves in their local scene. They have garnered attention from local media outlets, including WMNF radio, HiFi Florida podcast, Creative Loafing, and Tampa Bay Music News. While only a three piece, Vetnough always delivers an immersive, hypnotic and full-bodied performance that electrifies audiences and leaves them wanting more. Tired Sounds marks a new era in Vetnough's mission to redefine "indie."